Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buy This Book!

I started wearing lipstick in 7th grade; by the time I was in college I was a connoisseur of luxurious, deep red lipsticks that set off my dark brown skin. Which brought me to Poppy, a cool line of matte lipsticks I found at Barney's New York. Little did I know the creator was a teen-ager from Australia.

Cut to several years later when I started working on a book on appreciating everything fabulous about sparkling wine and champagne. I planned to call it The Bubbly Girl's Guide, because I knew that loving champagne also went with personality traits like being daring, having a vision for your life and not letting naysayers get at you.

I wanted to include vignettes talking to Bubbly Girls about what inspires them, which brought me back to Poppy King. Now with a new line of lipsticks called Lipstick Queen, she shared some insights into her creativity and drive. She was absolutely one of my most fun interviews ever! Besides telling me she adored Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, Ms. King said:

About being happy: It’s a conscious decision to participate in your own sense of the joy in life.

About success: “If you want to look for failure, you can find that everywhere, but … remember that all the success stories we see around started on an idea and a whim and a risk,” she said. “It all depends on your goggles you view the world with. If you put on your success goggles, you’ll see that too.”

Now you can learn the rest of her story and be inspired by her wise and witty insights in "Lessons of a Lipstick Queen" (Atria, $23) on sale now at

There's nothing like a good book and a glass of bubbly to set the wheels of inspiration turning!

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