Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Bubbly?

Like alot of women I know, I love drinking Champagne and sparkling wine. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while drinking a glass of bubbly. Just try, I dare you. Pop the cork, fill your glass with the fizzy liquid and as the bubbles rise, so does your mood. You’ll be smiling by the time that glass reaches your lips.

So why is it that in the US, the only times people seem to pull out a bottle of bubbly are New Year's Eve or when launching brides and battleships? Somehow, we Americans got this idea that fizzy wine is only for super special occasions.

Travelling in Europe, though, I realized that sparkling wines are a part of fully enjoying everyday life and meals. On a trip to the Basque Country in France, my friends took me to a favorite restaurant overlooking the ocean. We sipped a regional sparkling wine called txakoli with thin slices of ham from Bayonne and a langoustine stew. Visiting the northern Italian city of Udine, my friends took me to dinner at a little restaurant that showcases prosciutto ham made in San Daniele. Along with large plates of paper thin prosciutto, served with fresh milky cheese and crusty bread, we all savored prosecco, a crisp, light and refreshing sparkling wine that's made in the Veneto region of Italy.

These fun dinners -- and a few others -- convinced me that sparkling wines, just like still ones, are perfect for everyday. Like Jamie Davies, co-founder of the visionary Schramsberg Winery in the Napa Valley told me: “they're wine beneath the bubbles.”

I decided to start exploring the world of sparkling wines and champagnes and the many ways they can add a sense of celebration, luxury and fun to my everyday life. The Bubbly Girl was born.

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Kathryn said...

Love your blog, Bubbly Girl! Glad to see you up and running now. Can't wait to read more!